Rabu, 4 Zulhijjah 1439 / 15 Agustus 2018

Rabu, 4 Zulhijjah 1439 / 15 Agustus 2018



Soekarno-Hatta Airport provides capsule hotel

Capsule hotel will be located at Terminal 3 of the Soekarno-Hatta Airport on Aug 10.


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Tour de Central Celebes 2018 listed in UCI calendar events

Tour de Central Celebes 2018 to be held on Oct 14-18.

at Monday, 16 July 2018, 17:46

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2018 Tour de Flores to take place in September

E Nusa Tenggara government ready to hold Tour de Flores in September.

at Thursday, 05 July 2018, 10:00

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Let's vote online to determine Indonesia's best destination!

Public's choice on online platform to be presented during Wonderful Indonesia Awards.

at Friday, 15 June 2018, 08:00

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Travel to Europe the Islamic way

The number of Muslim tourists visiting Europe is increasing.

at Friday, 15 June 2018, 07:09

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E Nusa Tenggara to hold sandalwood horse parade

The horse parade to be held coinciding with traditional handwoven fabric festival.

at Sunday, 10 June 2018, 07:00

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Cikembulan Animal Park's collection attracts tourists

The scenery and collection of Cikembulan Animal Park gain popularity among tourists.

at Wednesday, 09 May 2018, 18:10

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Indonesia promoting tourist destinations for vegetarians

ndonesia is ranked the 16th among 183 vegetarian friendly countries.

at Thursday, 03 May 2018, 18:42

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Makassar to popularize Rotterdam Fort through Culinary Night

Makassar Culinary Night to be held on Saturday.

at Thursday, 26 April 2018, 03:11

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Komodo National Park bans fishermen entering diving sites

Diving sites are protected and preserved for diving tourism destinations.

at Monday, 23 April 2018, 17:27

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Laser night show to boost foreign tourist visit to Tanah Lot

Lasers night show highlight Tanah Lot's landscape at night.

at Sunday, 22 April 2018, 07:40

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Ciletuh officially declared as UNESCO Global Geopark

Rinjani geopark earns the same recognition as Ciletuh geopark by UNESCO.

at Monday, 16 April 2018, 16:27

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"Halo" phenomenon witnessed in Yogyakarta

Halo phenomenon observed at 10 a.m. in Yogyakarta.

at Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 20:35

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Tour guides disturbing Komodo Dragon to be blacklisted

The same policy will also be applied to tourist who disturb Komodo Dragon.

at Monday, 09 April 2018, 18:36

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"Celebrate the Sea" Festival to be held in Manado City

"Celebrate the Sea" Festival is the most influential event in the Asia Pacific.

at Thursday, 29 March 2018, 22:48


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